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Here’s what was said:

Twitter’s Vine was one of the most popular apps of 2013. Part of its popularity lies in its simplicity. All you have to do is take a short, 6 second video, and then share it through social networks (including Twitter and Facebook), or embed it on your website. Vine’s popularity has caught the attention of marketers. Ideally suited for today’s notoriously short attention spans, Vine forces businesses to come up with creative new ideas to reach their online customers.

  1. ASOS encourages customers to tag their purchase with #ASOSUnbox and create Vine videos showing them opening (unboxing) their delivery. As a result, ASOS has rekindled the excitement of shopping online, while putting its brand front and center of the fashion-conscious buyer.
  2. Alternative travel company, AirBNB, invited customers to create individual clips showing a piece of paper on a journey. The company presented instructions over Twitter, and the clips started rolling in. 
  3. Blogs and email newsletters are full of quick little how-to tips, but what if you could summarize those little tidbits into a Vine video? Lowe’s did, by showing a DIY way to keep squirrels out of flowers using cayenne pepper, through a hashtag called #fixinsix.
  4. Honda did that this past summer in order to promote its clearance event. People who tweeted #wantnewcar along with the reason they wanted a new car got a special message from a Honda dealer answering their question or concern. Encourage your customers to submit reasons they might want or need your new product or service. Then prepare individual six-second replies to their reasons in a way that’s fun and engaging. It’s much more interesting than your typical dull FAQ, isn’t it?

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